Introduction to Intuitive Healthcare

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  This blog is here to enable all you people out there who are on your Spiritual journey in whatever shape that may take, to share your experiences. As you know this can be a very lonely journey and it is important that you share with like minded people.  More to follow

9 thoughts on “Introduction to Intuitive Healthcare

  1. Fiona Mahon

    Hi Carol, I think Beth and I were destined to meet you today. Our healing session was powerful and both Beth and I are still buzzing from it. We are just starting to open our hearts and minds to the higher purpose that the Universe has in store for us – it feels like we are embarking on an exciting journey and I’m so pleased that you are here to teach us along the way.

    Bright blessings
    Fiona & Beth

    1. carolb301 Post author

      Me too I was so delighted to meet you both. what a journey. I am truly blessed to know so many wonderful beings. Beth you are one amazing person, Mum you can be justifiably non-egotistically proud.


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